Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Walnut Bowl, continued & Fall Colors

Hi Everyone,
I've spent the weekend with a back owie and fighting off a cold so today I'm probably going to take it easy so I can get back on my feet.

I did work on the walnut bowl a bit yesterday. I've begun sanding it to get it ready for the finish:

Walnut can be a devil to finish (cherry is another difficult customer) as scratches from turning show up like headlights on a car. They stand out quite readily and have to be sanded away and that can take quite a bit of time. I use sanding stars and a drill to get the scratches sanded out of the piece. I use an 80 grit and 100 grit stars to accomplish that. Then I use sanding sponges, which are sponges with sanding grit bonded to the surface, to finish the sanding. I go all the way to 400 grit and by then the piece I'm working on will begin to look polished. And that's what I have planned for this particular piece. I've also rounded the rim a bit to give it a more finished look and I've thinned the sides and the bottom a little. I think this will look quite nice when I'm done.

And fall colors have arrived! Its cooled off a bit and it's getting cooler at night and everything, especially maple trees, are beginning to change. Here's a photo:

And it's raining too which is nice. I love cool weather and I also enjoy winter here but if we don't have a winter like last year, I won't be disappointed. In fact if it doesn't begin snowing until a week before Christmas, I'll be really happy!

And one last bit of new: my youngest son informed me that he wanted to make a bowl! I was overjoyed at that news to say the least. So we went down stairs and he made a small bowl out of some redwood. He did a really nice job too. Redwood is very soft and can tear to shreds if you're not careful, but he pulled it off really well. I'll send pictures when he's done with the finish.  Well done!!

More later,

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