Monday, September 19, 2011

Black Ash bowl

Hi Everyone,
Well, I began work on a black ash and Brazilian cherry bowl today. It's apart of the same order for the walnut bowl and what a difference this is. This was one lovely piece of wood and it's turning out really nicely:

This is sooo much easier to deal with than walnut. Ash is a lovely wood and white ash in particular can really be a joy to work with. I'm surprised it isn't used more in furniture and kitchenware as it has great workability and finishing qualities to it. This bowl needs to be flipped over now and hollowed out and I'll be getting to that as the week goes by.

I have another bowl like this to make and then I'm going to be working on two large and deep salad bowls: one in white ash with a cherry rim and the other will be solid cherry. And as always, I'll have pictures of the process for both.


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