Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bowls! Discussion and plans

Hi Everyone,
Well, I've started back to work and I must say I'm really tired! It's been a long time since I've gone to work and I'm going to need to establish a routine and get myself back in the swing of the things. I'm also going to be turning a whole bunch of bowls for Christmas presents so I'm going to be busy this semester (and I'm learning Javascript code so I'm a busy critter).

I finished the small poplar bowl. Here it is:

It will make a lovely gift for a friend of mine.

And I bought a small piece of hickory and I'm turning this into a plate for another friend to whom I owe a big thanks to:

Let's talk about bowls for a few minutes: I've been asked to make several black ash/Brazilian cherry bowls, a walnut bowl (which I've begun working on and Oh Baby, what a bowl!), and a bowl that will be raffled off this holiday season. I went and bought some more Brazilian cherry this morning and I cut up my remaining piece of black ash and I'm assembling the turning blanks as I write (I'll post some pictures shortly). So I'm going to be working on the black ash bowls and the walnut bowl over the next several weeks and posting about this.

I'll be back shortly with some photos.


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