Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Black ash and Brazilian cherry bowl finished and the next set of bowls

Hi Everyone,
Well, I guess summer is going out with a bang here in the northern mid west and we've got fall colors all over the place. I love autumn--it's my favorite time of the year.

Ok, back to business. I took the black ash bowl from last time down to the workshop and began hollowing it out. Here you can see the Brazilian cherry layer begin cut down:

And here you can see how I've cut through the red colored wood and down into the black ash layer:

This bowl turned out remarkably well. I completely hollowed it out and I left the walls a little thicker than usual. I think the bowl works well with thicker bowls both from an esthetic point of view and for practical reasons too. I think a heavier bowl with a broad foot is more stable to work with if the bowl will be used for cooking or displaying food. And after all that's what we're here for--kitchenware.

Here is the bowl hollowed out and sanded smooth:

This only took about an hour to smooth and you can see how polished it looks. That piece of ash wood was amazing and it produced several bowls and plates and all of them came out beautifully.

Here are a couple more pictures:

And finally here it is with it's first layer of finish:

This is going to be a really nice piece of work. I'll post more photos when it's done. 

Now back to the walnut bowl....

I have several large bowls from solid blocks of wood coming up that have to be turned and are going to require more work than the more shallow bowls and platters I've been working on of late. On Saturday I'm going to begin working on a salad bowl from a solid block of cherry and next week, I'll start another bowl out of white ash and mahogany. Since the cherry bowl is a secret Christmas present for a dear friend, I'm not going to post those photos until Christmas day. But the ash bowl photos I will be posting  and commenting on so stay tuned and be sure and join me for more adventures in the wood shop.

As always thanks for dropping by and have a good rest of the day.


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