Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Blue House Bow--more work

Hi Everyone,
Picking up were we left off yesterday...

Here is the underside of the bowl, cut, sanded and polished:

You can see the foot, the tenon, and the heat and sap wood areas of the blank.

Here's a slightly different shot:

At this point the bowl is ready to flip over and hollow out. Moment of truth-once the bowl is flipped over and I begin hollowing it out, the bowl can't be flipped back if there is a problem. Here we go...

In the above photo, I've flipped it over and placed it between centers again. Until the bowl is substantially hollowed out, I'll turn it between centers. When its been hollowed, and it's lighter in weight, I'll remove the dead center and the center post in the bowl.

Above is the bowl after about an hour's worth of turning. The sides are about 1 inch thick and I've left the center post in the bowl. This will help keep the bowl in it's round shape and keep it from cracking. Now I'm going to cover it in paste wax and place it in a large box of wood shavings and let it dry for several weeks. In about three weeks time, I'll take it out and see how's its going so keep you fingers crossed that the bowl is ok and it dries well.

See you in a couple of weeks.


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