Saturday, September 10, 2011


The pictures for the previous blog did not show up on the posting so I'm going to try again.

Here is the poplar bowl:

And here is the hickory plate:

Hmmm...I may re-turn this. The rim is still a little rough.

Here is a picture of the walnut bowl:

And here are some preliminary photos for the black ash bowls:

These are the black ash parts of the bowls, from board, to square, to round turning blank. And here is one of the blanks with the red Brazilian cherry portion next to it:

Here are blanks ready to be assembled with glue all over the Brazilian cherry:

And here is the final blank, glued up and clamped down.

Tomorrow I'll glue up the other bowl blank and then those will be ready to roll.

I'll be back to the shop later this week. Thanks for joining me.

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