Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Baby Cradle-really bad day in the wood shop

Hi Everyone,
Well, I decided to do the drilling for the quadrefoils this morning and the whole thing went really wrong. Here's the photos:

I decided to do the ends first and so I clamped one of the ends down firmly and proceeded to drill using my hand drill:

The first two holes went well but the third hold didn't have enough wood for the forstner bit to grab onto and the bit wandered off. The sides of this hole are not sharp and clean or perpendicular to the surface:

It's a large board and I didn't want to use the drill press as I didn't thing I could firmly clamp down the board and drill it but having no choice I proceeded to use the press anyway:

And it worked for a while...

And then disaster struck-the clamp loosened and the board slipped and the torsion of the bit caused the bit to wander and it destroyed the quadrefoil shape.

So now I have two boards that I can't use. I guess I'll have to reconstruct them and try again.

And no quadrefoils on this project!


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