Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Cradle, continued-making the box part of the cradle

Hi Again,

Ok, I'm back. To begin, let's take another look at that photograph:

The cradle consists of 3 basic parts: a box with a bottom, 4 corner posts, and the rockers and that's how I'm going to pursue this project-I'll build the box, then build and attach the posts, and lastly create and attach the rockers.

The Box

This part of the cradle will be made out of select, clear pine. I purchased  2  1"x12" and 2 1"x4" boards and this will provide enough lumber for all 4 sides:

That's really nice wood.

The next step involved creating a template to enable me to mark and saw out the curved edges seen on all 4 sides in the photograph. I carefully drew this out on cardboard with a french curve set and a pencil:

Then I cut out the template:

And carefully transferred the template to a piece of scrap pine. I cut this out on the bandsaw:

Next I carefully measured off the sides of the box onto the pine boards:

And I got my husband to give me a hand cutting the wide pine boards. This is a two person job:

The narrow 4" wide boards were cut out on the table saw and here are all the pieces of wood that will go into making the sides of the box:

Now the next step will involve edge joining one of the 12" wide boards to one of the 4" wide boards:

And this is what they will look like when I'm done with that. I'm going to use the Kreg jig for this.

It's cold outside right now so I'm going to stop and have some lunch and some hot coffee and I'll do an additional blog posting a little later about how the edge joining went.

See you shortly,

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