Monday, February 22, 2016

The Baby Cradle continued/marking the sides for drilling and sawing

The cats and I have some lunch and now it's back to work.

I decided to test the quadrefoil template to see if it actually produced that shape and it does:

Time to mark the sides for drilling and cutting. I got the pine template and laid it over the ends of each side and carefully lined it up with the ends and top of the boards and clamped it in place. Then I just took a pencil and followed the curvature of the template and produced the cutting line. Then I got the awl and inserted it into the quadrefoil holes and hammered in:

And it worked. It marked the sides perfectly: 

The marking of the sides is now complete. The next step is to cut and drill the sides to shape and I'll do that tomorrow when I'll have some help (and no, the cats are not going to be involved in this step!).

See you all tomorrow,

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