Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hi Everyone,

Well, it's a lovely day to be in Minnesota. The weather is dry and warm and there are zillions of flowers all over the place. Time to go and make stuff.

I worked on several things today and there they are:

The linden tree box:

If you'll remember about 2 weeks ago I began work on a piece of linden wood (the same piece that broke the saw blade on the bandsaw) that is destined for an art show later this year. I decided to unwrap it and take a look at it:

It has dried out from what it was but it still is damp. I decided to turn it some and to deepen it so as to hasten the drying process. And here it is now:

I also turned a rebate on the underside of the lid and fitted the two pieces together:

I'm going to separate them and re-wrap them later today for more drying. I'm not sure how I'm going to shape this yet but linden wood is soft and carveable. So I'll be cogitating about this over the next week or so.

I'm making spoons again. I have a lot of red birch in stock that I have earmarked for spoons. The two lighter spoons on the right of the photo are from the same tree as the linden wood box above. The reddish one next to those is red oak:

Sushi Plates

I had lunch at a Japanese restaurant several weeks ago and had some sushi. The food was great and the plates were blah so I decided to try my hand at a sushi platter and a set of plates. These are out of quarter sawn white oak and I haven't applied the finish yet:

More on these when the finish is applied.

And wine bottle stoppers. I've begun making these out of small pieces of lumber and tree branches:

These are eastern red cedar, jatoba, and red birch. They need a finish too.

I'm really tired at the moment so I'll quit for now.

More tomorrow,


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