Monday, July 15, 2013

Project Updates

Hi Everyone,

Well the weather here in Minnesota is very warm and clear and as we all know this is good turning weather.  I've been very busy with another project so I've just been noodling around the shop working on the fall art show projects and working on some of the wood I've collected earlier this summer.

Here's a rundown as to what's on in the wood shop:

Fall Art Show

Here is the apple wood box I've been working on. I've done this rather slowly as the wood had a lot of water in it and I didn't want it to dry out too rapidly. Here is a photo of the box to begin with:

...and here is the box at present. I've deepened the edge inside of the box that the lid rests on so as to set in the lid more and then I turned both the box and the lid so the edges would match up. I've also eased the bottom edge of the box some and done a little preliminary sanding. I've also narrowed down the finial on the top of the lid:

Here is what the inside of the box looks like:

And here is a side view of the entire thing. All in all I'm rather happy with this piece at present.  I'm not going to do any more turning on this piece. I think it's time to sand it some and start thinking about the finish:

Here is the box portion of the black ash tea box that I'm making for the fall art show as well. I've narrowed the box some and also narrowed the top of the box so it will take a smaller, narrower lid. The box turn came out well so I'm going to stop turning this and begin thinking about what the lid should look like:

Tree branch bowls

Here are the bowls that I turned from the tree branch that I was working on in my last post. I don't think this is red oak, but black ash instead. Here are a couple of photos of the bowls at present:

 As the wood was really wet, these are going to have to dry out for a week or so before I do anything else to them.

I still have the linden wood box to work on so that will be in my next post as it's posing a dilemma.

More later,


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