Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fall Art Show-Linden wood box

Hi Everyone,

Before it gets hot today, I decided to go down and finish the turning and sanding on the linden wood box:

Here is the lid. I've turned down the point in the center to a small, stubby finial which I think complements the piece well. It's also been sanded to 600 grit and rubbed down with a green nylon kitchen pad:

Next the box portion. Here it is on the lathe and it's also been finely sanded. In this photo I'm getting ready to detach the waste wood on the bottom:

Here is the bottom of the box. I've sawed off the waste wood:

And here it is bottomless!

And here are the finish photos. The box has been assembled:

The turning and sanding on the box is complete. Next we'll talk about surface adornment. I'm going to spray an artist's fixative on the surface to preserve the color and to protect it from dust, dirt, etc. I plan to  use some birch bark to create "patches" and place them on the surface of the box. As this is going to take some time and experimentation, I'll cover this in a separate posting.


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