Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kantele Build and Fall Art Show pieces

Hi Everyone,
Well, I haven't been able to find zither pins for the kantele yet. I still have a few more stores to call but I may have to go online to get them. For the time being I've set this aside.

The fall art show pieces are slowly coming along. Here is an update:

I'm working on three pieces at this time. In the photo from left to right is a lidded box out of apple, in the center is a lidded box out of linden wood, and the one on the right is the beginnings of a lidded box out of black ash wood:

The largest of the three is the linden wood box. It came from a large tree branch that fell off of a linden tree close by here in June during all the storms we had, and it's the very same one that broke the blade on my bandsaw a couple of weeks ago. Since it's been so much trouble, I think the wood fairies are begin kind today and I've managed to substantially re-work the exterior of both the top and the bottom. It sands beautifully. The bottom turn is pretty much completed but the top still needs work-the point on the top is going to be cut way down and the top will be flatter when I'm finished:

I love the color of this. I'm thinking of texturing the sides with a gouge. I'll be cogitating more on that as the weeks go by:

The wood for this box came from an apple tree branch that fell off of a friend's tree a couple of months ago. I wanted to leave this as rustic as I could so I've left a lot of the bark on the sides. Both pieces encompass the entire diameter of the branch and you can see the heart and sap wood areas in both sections. I've also turned a finial on the top of the box with is a part of the lid. This entire piece needs more refinement and sanding smooth:

Now this last piece is the bottom only of an eventual black ash box. It has a really lovely color and it looks great with Brazilian Cherry and that's what the lid of the box will be eventually made out of:

I'll keep you all updated on all the projects.


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