Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday afternoon wrap up

Hi Everyone,
It is an absolutely gorgeous day in the TC. The trees have changed into spectacular colors and it's nice and cool outside--a good day to turn wood.

The first thing I did was finish a black ash-Brazilian cherry bowl for a young friend who wants one for her mom for Christmas. Here's the photos:

Then I worked on several other bowls, namely the hickory bowl from several weeks ago and the birch salsa bowl I made last week. Those will be ready for their final sanding late next week.

Then, I was going to make a tea box out of some red birch and mahogany that I've had in the shop for a while. I began to cut out the blanks on the bandsaw so I could glue them into a bowl blank and all of a sudden BANG!! the blade broke. Scared the daylights of me. I didn't get injured other than a small cut on one of my fingers but it sure woke me up. So I had to stop everything and go and get another blade. I'll put it on the saw tomorrow. 

I really have a huge mess in the shop so I'm going to go and clean up. As soon as the new blade get installed, I'll post photos of the tea box I'm making.

If you're in the TC, it's a great afternoon for a walk and I hope you get a chance to get outside later today.


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