Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blue House bowl, continued and other bowls in progress

Hi All,
Well, I went downstairs and beginning at 6:30 this morning and until 10:30 I worked on various bowls. I'll talk about them one at a time:

I've thinned out the Blue House bowl quite a bit:

and I think it still needs more hollowing out.  It does look much better than last night and I'm happy with the inside slope of the bowl. But a little more would be better. I'm going to bring the bowl inside and let the wood fibers settle down for a few days and I'll re-turn it next week. So far so good on the bowl.

Next, I took a look at the other two bowls in the drying box. The sycamore bowl from last week dried but is some what misshapen and has a crack. So I put it on the lathe and hollowed it out to almost it's ultimate shape and here it is:

As you can see this bowl has some really wild, irregular grain patterns and this plus all the water and tree sap in it has probably contributed to this crack. I am going to keep the bowl and place it back in drying box for a week and see how it does. I'm going to keep working on it despite the crack.

I also took a look at a cherry wood bowl that I've been working on and as this is a gift, I'm not going to post those pictures right now. But it is drying nicely and I'll get up super early on Monday and hollow that out. It's a lovely shade of apricot pink.

I also ordered and received several bowl blanks this week.

The above two blanks are both 10 inches in diameter and 3 inches thick and will make lovely bowls. The top one is hickory and the bottom one is red elm. Even covered in wax and in a rough state, you can see the beauty of the grain in the wood.

I also received 3 smaller blanks that are 8 inches wide and 3 inches deep:

From left to right they are honey locust, sassafras, and beech. These are hard dense woods that will turn well.

I decided to turn the hickory blank above and so I've started on it today:

I've reached my limit of photos for this blog posting so I'm going to stop and I'll post more photos later today of this bowl.

I've got a busy autumn here in the SWW workshop and we'll see how to deal with the sycamore bowl and you'll also see the Blue House Bowl when it's finished. So we have more adventures ahead us and as always, thanks for stopping by.

Time for some coffee,

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