Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hickory bowl

Hello Again,
Well, I began cutting the hickory bowl and I finished the outside of it and went and had a sandwich and coffee and it that short period of time, micro cracks started to show up on the outside of the bowl so it had to be turned around and hollowed out pronto. So I dropped everything and went and did that:

This is a side view and the next photo shows it flipped over:

These last two photos show the bowl about 90% hollowed out:

And this is the finished side view:

I then coated it with a thick layer of wax, dropped it into the drying box and it will stay there for the next several weeks.

I have generated a ton of wood shavings the last week and if anyone has a compost pile they need to feed, these shavings would probably work well. They are various species of wood chips and shavings. If you would like to have these send me an email at

On Monday, we'll work on the cherry bowl and I may cut the Blue House bowl down more. Drop by and we'll see what's cooking.


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