Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beech bowl

Hi Everyone,
Well, it's a lovely fall afternoon and I decided the only way I was going to get over ruining the cherry bowl yesterday was to go down to the wood shop and make another bowl. So I went to take a look at my inventory and I have a piece of beech that I had been wanted to turn and that's what I did. Here are two photos:

It's a lovely piece of wood. The top photo shows the remains of a dead branch in the tree's trunk. I'm going to try and turn past that tomorrow. The bottom photo shows a strip of sapwood that has spalted and it will look really super when it's done.

Beech is a really hard, dense, closed cell wood that doesn't show up much here in the norther mid west and that's a shame because it turns beautifully. I made a couple of darning eggs  from some beech earlier this year and they turned out very well. Most of the time beech is used for handles for tools and most people probably have some beech at home as a result. I'm going to thin this out tomorrow and then let it dry for a couple of weeks. This baby is definitely going to be oiled.

I'm feeling better all ready. Time to go bake some homemade ziti!

See ya,

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