Friday, August 19, 2016

Making the Bed-It's Done-Completion Photos

Hi Everyone,

Well the bed is finished and today was the day I moved it and assembled it for my young friend who needs it.

The bed is quite heavy so I disassembled it into the mattress frame, the headboard, and the footboard and then I enlisted my son Critter and good buddy Elary to help move it in their vehicles for the 5 minute drive to their place. Once there we got all the parts and the tools to re-assemble it upstairs into their apartment.

It took the 3 of us about an 1 1/2hrs to assemble it as the room it went into was small and cramped but we made it. We screwed the mattress framework into the metal 2x4 brackets and that was that. It was finished.

Here is the bed with the mattress, some nifty red sheets, and a new red comforter:

The leg in the photo belongs to Critter.

And with this, this bed project is completed. Many thanks to Elary, Critter, and Jim the Engineer in helping out with this project.

What's next: well, it's time to clean out and organize the wood shop as it's a gigantic mess right now. Once that's finished, I have a couple of Christmas projects to do and you'll get a front row seat in the wood shop as I tackle these two projects.

As always thanks for hanging around the woodshop with me. And remember, there's almost always something going on here at Selkie Wood Works. Just grab some coffee and put your feet up and away we go!


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