Thursday, August 4, 2016

Making a bed continued-screwing up but winding up ok

Hi Everyone,

I'm back-between very hot weather, high humidity, and a rib injury, I haven't felt much like working with anything, let alone a wood project. But this bed is needed and as I'm feeling a little better at the moment, and rounded up my husband to help out, the project is proceeding.

In the original plans, the headboard had a cross-shaped center piece made out of 3 pieces of 1x4" pine. And I had cut the pieces out but I cut one about 1/4" too short. Damn, it was too short to fit in the center and as I was out of 1x4 pine, I decided to re-arrange the design. Instead I used a 2x3 fir stud to make two pieces of wood that are screwed into the headboard frame. Here is a photo:

I also decided not to inset the plywood backing but instead screwed it to the rear of the frame. This modification makes the headboard very stiff so it shouldn't move at all.

All the headboard needs now is to be stained to match the frame.

Next I'll make the footboard and after that the framework that will hold the mattress.

Stay tuned.


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