Monday, August 15, 2016

Making the Bed-framework finished

Hi Everyone,

Well, I've finished the mattress frame and this part of the bed went well. Here are the photos:

The first thing I did was to screw the facing boards onto the 2x4s:

Then I began cutting and installing the slats. I used 1x3 pine for this:

The end slats along with several more that I evenly placed along the 2x4 rails are doubly screwed into place. This is to make the frame very rigid and to keep the frame from scissoring when I disassemble the bed in a couple of days when it's time to move it:

Here is a photo of the slats that have double screws in them:

Now for the rest of the slats-the person I'm making this for only has a mattress-no box spring so there will need to be a lot of slats to ensure that the mattress stays in place and not have a "lumpy" feel to  it when it's laid on. The slat positions in the photo would be fine for a box spring but it's probably not enough for just a mattress so I added more slats to the frame (see next photo):

Here is the same section of the frame but with an additional slat. I did this for the entire frame:

And this is the completed framework. This might be overkill but I don't want the bed to be uncomfortable. This also helps to strengthen the framework:

And with this the construction of the bed is completed.

I'm going to eat some lunch and then go down and do a little more staining and then apply polyurethane to the bed. It will need several coats. When that's finished it will be time to take it apart and move it to the person who will be receiving it.

Stay tuned,


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