Thursday, August 11, 2016

Making the Bed Continued-Beginning the Mattress Frame

Hello Everyone,

I've finished the headboard and footboard and now I'm beginning the mattress frame section of the bed.

The plans call for two 75" boards that are attached to the the legs of the head and foot boards. I've decided to use metal brackets to attach 2 2x4's and use these as the basis of the mattress frames. Here's some photos:

In this photo you can see the metal brackets I'm planning on using. They fit around the ends of the 2x4s and are screwed in place:

 In this photo I've screwed the brackets in place on the foot board. They are 11 1/4" above the ends of the legs:

This is the headboard with a bracket screwed into place and one of the 2x4s inserted into it:

And this is what the frame looks like so far. I haven't completely attached the 2x4s into the brackets as yet:

Tomorrow I'll purchase some more 1x3's for slats and also attach a 1x6x75" pine board along the long side of the 2x4s. This will help keep the mattress from shifting on the frame.

Stay tuned,

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