Saturday, August 24, 2013

Small Gift Boxes, continued

Good Morning All,

Well, I went down to the workshop to work on the boxes some more and I took photographs to share with all of you. When I came inside to write this post, I found that I can't find the cable for the camera so I can't download photos. I think the cats may have run off with it.

So in the meantime, I'll describe what I did: I finished turning and hollowing out the cedar of Lebanon box and then I switched over to the camphor blank. This particular piece of wood is really lovely. Normally camphor is a deep gold color but this has reds and rusts and golds and they all swirl around with each other. Very pretty and the shop smells strongly of camphor. So all of the boxes are roughed out. Since these are solid blocks they will probably distort a little over the next day or so. So I'm going to bring them inside and let them stabilize a bit. In a day or so I'll take a look at them and true them up if they need it. If not, I'll sand all of them smooth and get them ready for a finish.


All of the boxes are small-about the size of an orange-so small pieces of wood from my scrap collection will make nice lids. As the hackberry box is beige with black spalting lines, I'm going to use black walnut for that. The camphor box will have a white ash lid as the gold color of the lid will look nice with the colors in the camphor wood. The cedar of Lebanon box is a problem. Last night it looked orange. This morning it looks grey. I'm going to have to sand it and probably finish it so it won't change color and then think of a good color for it. So that one will take some extra care.

I'm going to have some lunch and then I'll go back out and do more turning this afternoon. I'll take photos of everything and if I ever find that cable, I'll post them for you to see.


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