Thursday, August 22, 2013

Anniversary "Card" for my Husband-Discussion & Photo

Hi Everyone,
Well, today is not only the first day of the Minnesota State Fair, it's also my husband's and mine anniversary today.

As I usually make cards for my family out of wood, I decided to make a unique card for my husband and here it is:

This is based on the Scottish quaich which are small, wooden drinking cups made for special occasions. On the rim is a line from a Robert Browning poem, "Grow old with me for the best is yet to be..."

The cup is made out of a section of a maple tree branch from a friend's yard and I'm going to oil it later on today.

So, Happy Anniversary Jim and thanks for 32 great years.



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  1. Awww that's a beautiful anniversary greetings to your husband, and I find it really cute. Cheers, Rasmi xxxx