Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cable Found!! Project photos for Small Gift Boxes

Hooray!  We found the cable! I left it on my front porch so no cat tricks today.

Ok here are some photos from today's turning:

Here is the cedar of Lebanon block being turned into a box. I've smoothed the sides:

Here is the same box being hollowed out:

This wood is really soft and it tears very easily. Here in the photo below is the box after it's been sanded:

And here are two of the boxes thus far-the hackberry on the left and the cedar of lebanon on the right:

 Here is the last blank to be turned-the camphor wood blank. I love the scent from camphor wood. Everything smells like Vicks Vapo Rub:

Normally camphor is a deep gold color but this block has reds and rusts in it too:

Here is the bottom of the box-I've drilled a hole in the bottom which I'll use as an attachment point for the Nova chuck:

LOL: this is the shavings from the hole in the photo above. Drilling with a Forstner bit always produces wide shavings. The larger the bit, the larger the shavings. Sometimes they look like potato chips or shaved chocolate if I'm working on walnut:

Ok, here are the box portion of the gift boxes. They are all sanded and ready for a finish. I'm going to use spray lacquer on them:

I took a short break after I finished the boxes and then I came outside and roughed out a bowl for a friend of mine. This is coffee wood. It is a pinkish brown and hard as a rock. It took 2 hours of constant turning to shape this. By the time I finished I was really wiped out:

Here are the boxes with a single coat of lacquer. I'll add more layers tomorrow:

Ok, the next step is to shape the lids. We'll get to that tomorrow.

Have a good evening,


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