Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Website: Who Built Our Capitol?

Hi Everyone,

When I wasn't making a lot of noise and wood shavings in the wood shop over the past several years, I was researching a project with a group of colleagues about the life and work of the men and women who built the Minnesota state capitol building. Then earlier this year I broke away from the group and built a website to showcase all the materials that we found. And today it is officially online and available for you to see and explore. It's called:

Who Built Our Capitol?

The URL is www.whobuiltourcapitol.org

Please drop by the site and take a look. If you have any question or comments about it you can contact me via the Contact page on the site.

There is also a documentary by the same name on the website.


I hope you enjoy both the site and the documentary and find them informative.


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