Saturday, August 24, 2013

Small gift boxes, continued-still no camera cable

Hi Everyone,

Well, I still can't find the damn cable anywhere so there won't be any photos today. I did go down and finish off all the boxes however. I've deepened them and hollowed them out more and sanded everything smooth. So other than the finish, that portion of the project is finished. I'll work on the lids tomorrow.

After I finished the boxes, I decided to catch up on some of my turning and I turned another coffee wood bowl. This is a big bowl, very heavy, and while the last bowl was orange, this one is the pinkish brown color that I've seen in the past. It's also hard as a rock, which coffee wood usually is. I need to hollow it out just a little more and I'll tackle that tomorrow.

I've been out side turning all day and it's about 95 in the shade at the moment so I'm going to stop and go and drink a huge glass of water and then cleanup.

I'll see you all tomorrow afternoon for a brief turning session and then I'll probably turn wood again on Tuesday.

See you all then.

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