Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wood shop odds and ends...

Hi Everyone,
I've been working like a maniac the past several days coming up with new things for the SWW product line. I especially wanted to develop items that use smaller pieces of wood and I think I've hit it with the following items:

The carrot shaped thing in the following photo is a garden dibble. These are used to plant flower bulbs and the business end of it is scored in 1 inch increments. This is made out of white pine and it smells like a pine forest:

I've also made a number of darning eggs. I was going to drop them from the SWW product line because they didn't sell well but my husband talked me into making them again. So I've made a number of them, but this time without a handle:

I'm also making kitchen mallets again out of the same lumber I use to make rolling pins. Here are two mallets out of red birch and ash wood:

And I took the laminated block out of the clamps this morning. I think this will work out well:

It's getting cold outside so I'm going to stop for the day. But I have a lot of wood in the shop right now and a lot of turning blanks ready to go so stay tuned and be sure and visit me in the wood shop--we have more adventures ahead!

Have a good weekend and see you soon,

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