Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rough couple of days in the workshop

Hi Everyone,
Well, it has been really cold here in Minnesota and I'm afraid my tools have rebelled--my table saw and the band saw have both frozen up and can't be used right now. And it's been so cold that I'm almost freezing up myself so I'm going to clean up the shop and shut down for a week or two until the weather improves a bit.

Bad news on the bowl front: the hickory bowl I made several weeks ago has cracked and is beyond repair. I'm not sure if it was the cold or if the stress in the wood fibers was more than the bowl could handle but it's cracked on both sides of the bowl and it can't be salvaged. Oh dear...

So I'm going to take advantage of this shutdown and sharpen everything again and get ready for our next projects. Stay warm!


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