Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bowl Update

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's almost March and it's still quite cold here. We have snow all over and we're supposed to get more tomorrow. I did however have deer tracks on my front lawn this morning.

The hickory bowl

You'll remember a number of weeks ago I turned a 10" diameter bowl out of hickory only to have it crack badly. I was going to discard the bowl but I set it aside and forgot about it in the woodshop, which isn't heated. I'm not sure what happened, and it must have been the cold, but the cracks in the bowl have almost disappeared:

The bowl still has a very small crack at the rim but I think this bowl can be salvaged so it's back in the wood shop, drying out. Amazing.

Laminated hickory bowl

The bowl I made out of the laminated block came out great. Here it is:

I'm still applying the finish to the bowl but it looks great and since it was made out of kiln-dried lumber to begin with, this bowl doesn't have to dry out so no worries about cracking, distortion, etc.

Lastly, I decided to make a small box in my continuing search for a good method for making these and it came out quite well. The top fits well and it's large enough inside to hold something:

So the journey continues. I'll keep you updated on the progress of all these bowls.

Our next project will involve another laminated hickory bowl but I'm going to change the design and the orientation of the laminations so we'll have a very different bowl when I'm done.

Thanks for stopping by the wood shop and have a great weekend.


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