Thursday, February 9, 2012

Salt and pepper shakers, completed

Good Afternoon,

I went down to the wood shop and made the other shaker so I now have two shakers, one with 5 holes and the other with 3. There seems to be no consensus as to which shaker should have salt and which should have pepper so I may go with 3 holes for the salt so I don't eat to much salt.

The turning went very well and I'm pleased with them. The only problem is the salt shaker is a little bit larger than the pepper shaker but that's not the end of the world and that will improve with practice.  As soon as the finish dries I'll put salt and pepper in them and see how they work.

Ooops, almost forgot the photo:

I'm going to stop for now and take advantage of the lovely 25 degree weather outside and bbq some hamburgers.

Later this evening I'm going to try to make a Raffan box. 

Thanks for stopping by the wood shop and I'll see you later,


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