Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wooden spoons continued

Hi Everyone,
Well, I've checked on the collet chuck downstairs and I'm going to leave it alone until tomorrow. I want to make sure the glue is really, really dried before I use it. So the coffee scoop is continued until tomorrow.

The wooden spoons

The spoons have to be hollowed out and to do that I'm going to use hook knives. These are made in Sweden by a company named Mora. They make all sorts of really sharp stuff:

These are sharp on both edges and are used for general hollowing out. So I'll work on the mahogany on first. Here it is after about 10 minutes of carving:

Hmmm....looks like a wooden lollypop...

Take a look at the point on the end of that knife. Wow, those Swedish spoon carvers must be a tough lot!

Here's the spoon after about 15 minutes more carving. I've placed my wedding band inside so you can judge the depth:

Here's the spoon after several more minutes of carving. I can't imagine why someone would design a spoon like this...?

Well, I'm going back outside and work on the next one.

More later,

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