Saturday, August 20, 2011

King Tut at the Science Museum

Hi Everyone,
Well, I just came back from the King Tut exhibit and if you haven't gone yet (I'm referring to my friends here in the MidWest) you really need to get over there and see it. The artifacts are amazing--lots of statues, wooden furniture, and gold, gold, gold! Wow, they even had King T's golden sandals! The displays were well done and you can walk around most of them and see all the detail up close-you can still see the tooling marks on some of them.  The ancient craftsmanship was excellent, especially with the jewelry. And they had a replica of King T's mummy--he must have been a small chap. Anyway, it was really worthwhile to go. And I got a genuine King Tut coffee mug at the gift shop--made in Thailand--a fitting end for a great exhibit.

I'm going to go and make myself some tea and drink it out of my King T mug and conjure spirits for a while....and I've got to get me some of those sandals....

More later,

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