Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rounding out the walnut bowl

The walnut bowl has a big problem: it has dried out nicely but it is no longer perfectly round. So yesterday I re-cut the exterior surface of the bowl to a round shape:

That part went well. But the inside doesn't match up, in fact we now have two different shapes superimposed on one another. You can see the uneven thickness of the rim of the bowl:

Solution: cut the interior of the bowl until it matches the outside. Here we go:

You can see the fresh cut surface beginning to match up with the exterior. The cone needs to be removed and the bottom of the bowl flattened and smoothed:

This took a lot of careful cutting but the interior and the exterior walls now match up. We have a bowl!

I am going to stop cutting it and let the wood fibers settle down for a few days. Next week I'll place it back on the lathe and cut the sides and bottom a little bit thinner.

It's a nice day outside and I need to turn more darning eggs and tulips so I took some of my maple supply and cut it down into a cylinder and from there into a darning tulip:

I'm going to take a break and come back and cut the other tulip out. Then I have a hickory plate to other words, it's gonna be a busy day.

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