Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's up for the weekend and next week

Hi Everyone,

I will probably be in the shop this evening and tomorrow as well. I'm going to finish sanding the walnut bowls and get them ready for a finish and delivery to their new owners. I'll post final pictures only of those bowls.

The black ash bowl is still on the lathe and guess what?!! It has sold already! I'll need to finish turning it and sand it too and I'll post pictures of the finished project, probably next week before it goes to it's new home.

And I've got a two part project coming up: I'm going to be making a collet chuck for the lathe so I can turn a coffee scoop. So I'll have pictures and discussion for you on how to make tools for the lathe and how these tools can be applied to specialized turning problems, in this case, a small diameter turning.

And our 30th wedding anniversary is coming up and I've asked my husband for some carving knives so I can carve some kitchen spoons. Yes, I have finally caved into several requests for spoons.

So stay tuned and I'll be back shortly with the coffee scoop project.


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