Friday, August 26, 2011

The Drinking Bowl: Turning the bowl

Hi Everyone,
Well, I went downstairs and took a look at the bowl blank...

...and I decided to take it and put a small faceplate on the bottom and turn it. And you can see the set up here:

As I indicated yesterday the mahogany layer will form the rim of the bowl so that is the top and the bottom layer of red birch is the bottom layer. I'll cut the foot of the bowl from this layer in a minute or so.

I began the turning of the outer surface of the bowl and after several minutes of turning, here is what it looked like:

...and you can see how smooth it is compared to the top photo.

Now I'll flip the bowl around and finish the outside and the foot of the bowl. Here we are after several more minutes of cutting. You can see how smoothly cut the exterior is and you can also see the rounded shape like the light blue bowl in my previous posting:

Time to flip it over one more time and begin hollowing it out. You can see that I've left a cone-shaped section in the center. This cone helps to steady the bowl while it's being turned:

In the above picture you can see how I've cut into the next, lighter layer of birch.

Here is the bowl after about 10 minutes more turning:

You can see how the bowl is deeper and the cone is smaller. I went ahead and cut the bowl down more deeply and I thinned out the walls of the bowl:

I've smoothed the walls of the bowl and rounded the edges of the rim--see how the mahogany turned out?

I'm going to stop here for now and contemplate--should I deepen the bowl some more? If I do I run the risk of cutting into the metal screws that hold the bowl on the faceplate. This could damage my tools and leave holes in the bottom of the bowl. Deepening the bowl will increase the volume of the bowl and it will look better. So what to do-leave it or take a chance?

Come back later and find out!

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