Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scrap Wood Project-Veggie platter/Discussion and Plans

Hi Everyone,

Here is another scrap wood project that I'm going to make out of some pine I have here in the wood shop.


I have several 8 ft lengths of 1" x 4" #3 common pine from I project I decided not to pursue earlier this summer. So to keep it from gathering dust and to make it into something useful, I'm going to turn it into a veggie platter with a glass insert in the center that can be filled with dip and removed for washing.

I'm going to cut 12 pieces of 1" x 4" pine 13" long and stack them together and laminate them into a block. When that's done I'll cut a large turning blank from it and put it on the lathe and hollow out the center to accept the glass insert and then I'll hollow out a section between the insert and the rim for the veggies. I'll complete the whole thing with salad bowl varnish.

Ok, here are the photos:

Here are the pieces lined up together. As pine has a lot of knots, I'm careful to avoid placing a piece of wood with a knot than might wind up on the rim:

I've also line up the pieces so that the end grain matches up together (look carefully at the end grain-if you click on the photo you may be able to see it):

And this is the insert. It's a small Pyrex glass bowl that's about 3" in diameter. It can be removed for washing and if it ever breaks, it can easily be replaced as Pyrex bowls like this are common in the US:

I'm out of glue! I'll be making a glue run later today and I'll try to glue and clamp it later today or tomorrow.

Let's all meet up here on Saturday and I'll proceed with the project.


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