Sunday, October 13, 2013

Project completion-Headboard out of Western Red Cedar

Hi Everyone,

Well, a spare minute finally came my way today and I and my husband and son and Rhubarb the Ginger Majesty got the headboard attached to my son's bed. Here are the photos:

I changed the legs for the headboard from the original Ana White plans. The legs consist of two 2x4s, a short one in the front and a longer one in the back. Both will be bolted on to the bed frame with 5/6" x 3 1/2" bolts and nuts:

This is what the completed legs now look like.The headboard frame will sit on top of the shorter 2x4:

Here is a photo of my husband Jim and the headboard. You can just see how the headboard sits on the legs. And of course Rhubarb the Ginger Majesty is supervising...

And this is the headboard in place with some new bedding for my son:

Ok, this is finished.

My next project will be a yarn bowl out of some of the left over cedar from the bed headboard and some scrap pine I've had laying around for a while.

Stay tuned,


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