Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Project completions-Art show box and a coffee wood bowl

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm still recovering from the tooth extraction but I'm getting stronger everyday and today I've felt the best in a couple of weeks so I went down to the wood shop and finished two projects:

The Art Show Box

I took a long look at the entire box and decided I really didn't like the way it looked so I removed all the  wood stain and decided to just leave it natural and here it is:

 I think the box would look better with a lid made out of a red colored wood so when the art show is over, I'm going to re-make the lid. Oh well.

Coffee Wood Bowl

Earlier this summer you'll remember I made a coffee wood bowl for a friend of mine, who in turn gifted to a friend of hers. And then she asked me to make her another coffee wood bowl and I did but didn't post about it. It turned out to be quite a journey as the bowl distorted badly. Fortunately I was able to re-turn it and salvage the bowl and I finished it this morning and here it is:

This fellow is going to get several coats of salad bowl varnish and then this weekend I'll turn it over to it's new owner.

I also make a test dish this morning out of some western red cedar to see if it is turnable. It's really soft wood and while it's really pretty, it does tear easily especially on the end grain. I'll keep this one in mind. In the mean time, the cats will have a lovely new dish for their Party Mix.

I'll do a posting about the bed headboard this weekend.

More later,


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