Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lathe Maintenance and Wood Turning OnLine

Good Everyone,

One area of turning that is really important is maintenance of the lathe and your turning tools. I haven't blogged about this in a while and it's time for an update. But first here is a word about one of my favorite online turning forums Wood Turning Online:

Wood Turning OnLine is a large wood turning forum that has not only messages and discussion about wood turning, it has a lot of excellent information about how to turn, projects, and a lot of instructional videos. Hey, even the advertisements are worth looking at! With wood turning being rather a niche within general wood working, it can be a little difficult at times to source out information about new tools, techniques, etc, and I find that Wood Turning Online serves this purpose well. There's always something new and the forum and website are kept up to date. You can see the site without joining but to actively participate in the discussions you have to register and I have as I think it's a worth while thing to do.

Ok, I've done my bit for the wood turning world.

Let's see a show of hands: How many of you have dressed your tool rest this week? Hmmm...I see one lone hand in Lithuania. Wood Turning Online is featuring a really great video about this on YouTube this week. Take a look:

(For my international guests: if you have trouble with spoken English, I think this is presented clearly enough that you can guess how to do this by just watching the video)

There is a lot of other information on Wood Turning Online and if you follow the link above you'll come right to it.

Have a great day turning,


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