Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Red Cedar Headboard-continued

Good Morning All,

Ok, I'm back. I've assembled the headboard and here are some photos:

In this photo I'm about to begin attaching the panel boards to the frame. I carefully checked each board with a square and clamped it down. I countersunk all of the screws. The screws will be hidden by another board that will serve as a boarder:

Here is a photo of all the panel boards in place. I sanded it with an orbital sander and 150 grit paper and removed all the splinters. This smoothed the face of the panel and evened out the appearance of the boards:

Next, I cut some 1x4 cedar for a boarder that goes on top of the panel and all the way around. Ana White's plans call for a 2x6 but the 2x6 that I have is just too rough for this so I changed the plan. After I cut it out I carefully aligned it with the frame and glued and toenailed it all the way around to attach it to the panel:

And here it is with the boarder in place:

Ana's plan calls for a cap on the top of the frame that over hangs the front panel by about an 1". I used a 1x6 for this. I screwed it down as well and countersunk all the screws and then I covered them with an oak plug to hide the screw heads:

And here it is at present:

Tomorrow we will attach the legs and drill them so the whole thing can be attached to the box spring frame.


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