Thursday, September 26, 2013

Red Cedar Headboard-continued: Legs and finish

Hi Everyone,

With regards to the legs for the headboard: I've made a change from Ana White's plans. Since I used 2x2 lumber for the frame, the thickness of my head board is greater than the one in her plans (she used 1x2 lumber). Ana specifies 2x4s for the legs. I've decided to use 4x4s instead.

Since I had some lumber left over from my purchase several days ago, I went and cut 4 2x4s 48 inches long and screwed them together:

Since the surface that contains the screws will be facing a wall, I simply drilled and screwed them into the wood. I used 2 1/2" #10 wood screws for this. If appearance would have been an issue, then I would have countersunk and plugged all of the screws:

And here they are assembled:

And I gave the headboard a coat of polyurethane and this is what it looks like:

Later today I'll come back and sand the legs and give them a coat of polyurethane as well.

Tomorrow, I'm going to bring the headboard and legs upstairs and fit  the whole thing to the bed frame. I'm planning on bolting the legs to the headboard and then bold the legs to the metal bed frame so that's what's planned for tomorrow. I hope by Sunday to have it installed in my son's room.

The weather here is absolutely beautiful right now-clear skies, warm temps and the leaves are just beginning to change color. In short, it's spoon carving weather!

See you all tomorrow. I have a date with some spoons.


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