Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Building a Headboard for a full-sized bed-Discussion and Plans

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all having a good week. I'm recovering from the teeth extraction and feeling better.

Onward and forward-I'm making a headboard for a full-sized bed. And here's the discussion and plans for this:

My youngest son has come to enjoy the wood stuff that I make (he's a welder-we argue about the merits of woodworking vs metal working all the time) and he liked last week's table so I'm building him a headboard for his full-sized bed. His mattress and box spring sit on a metal frame and we'll be bolting the headboard to this frame.

I'm going to use a set of plans from Ana White's website (http://ana-white.com/). She lives in Alaska and has built a ton furniture and other things and has a lot of really simple but well done plans on her site. I'm going to construct the headboard in the plan called the Fancy Farmhouse Bed (http://ana-white.com/2011/02/plans/mom’s-fancy-farmhouse-bed). I'm only going to make the headboard part of this and I'm going to use more red cedar for it. I'll be doing this in easy stages

Photos-Panel section

I've purchased enough lumber for the headboard and I also purchased some angle brackets from Simpson Strong Tie. I also used 2x2 for the panel frame to make it a little stronger (Ana specifies 1x2 lumber for the framework). Here is a photo of one of the corners:

And a photo of the frame:

Next, the face of the panel is made out of 10  1x6 cedar boards:

This is a photo with all the boards in place. Tomorrow I'm going to screw them down to the frame underneath it and then sand it smooth.

Also tomorrow, I'm going to cut the remaining pieces for the headboard and attach them to the panel section. Once that's all done I'll sand it more and then finish it with polyurethane. So more about that tomorrow.

And, I finally got some new shop shoes and you can see why they needed replacing!

See you tomorrow.


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