Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall art show/black ash box-lid construction continued, and Additional Projects

Hi Everyone,

Well I went down to the shop and took a look at the lid and decided that it needed a finial. So here are the process photographs for this part of the construction:

I think bubinga wood will look the best as the finial:

I put it back on the lathe and turned a small tenon onto one end:

And drilled a corresponding sized mortise on the lid:

And glued them together. I'm going to let this set for the rest of the day and probably will turn it late tonight:

Other Projects

Another art show project involves a box made from a linden tree branch that fell in my neighborhood in late June. Here is a photo of the top:

And here is the bottom. I wanted to add some exterior adornment to the box but as I'm not a trained artist and I don't know any thing about color, painting, etc, I was hesitant to try this and possibly ruin the box so I've gathered some thing birch bark from a tree in my yard and I'm going to glue on some pieces of it back on to the sides of the box. More about this in a separate posting:

This is a box that I made out of applewood. It distorted while drying and I'm unable to finish the insides so this one is going on the shelf until I can come up with another use for it:

And here is a small dried flower vase out of the same linden tree branch above. I need to get ready for the annual Blue House Sale in December and this year I'm going to sell flower vases and salt cellars. More about this in a separate post a little later:


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