Monday, June 3, 2013

Next Projects

Hi Everyone,
Well, I've cleaned out my shop and I've installed some new dust collection stuff and I've even taken my Nova chuck apart and cleaned it so it's time for more projects"

Holly's Bowl,
I think this bowl has finally settled down so I'm going to finish it later this week.

My kitchen table,
Yes, we're going to work on something that isn't round! I'm going to re-do my kitchen table and you can watch this on the blog.  Keep your fingers crossed that this works ok.

And, my birthday present to myself came:

Yes, I know, it's a big block of wood. But what else would I want for a present? This is a large block of coffee wood and I'll turn it into a fruit platter.

So grab a cup of coffee and drop by the wood shop-summer is just getting started!

More later,


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