Friday, June 14, 2013

Leon's Tea Box Part 3-Creation of the inner lid and completion

Hi Again,

Well, the wood fairies must be smiling today because absolutely nothing has gone wrong with this project. So let's sail on and complete this turn.

Here is the box portion remounted on the lathe. This box will have an inner lid so it needs a lip created inside of the box for the inner lid to sit on and you can see it just inside the box. And this is another critical area: there needs to be just enough wood for the lid to sit on and the inner sides of the rim have to be parallel with the outside of the rim. Other wise the lid won't fit properly or it will fall into the box:

Ok, we're on the home stretch. I've taken the blank for the inner lid and mounted it on the lathe. It's going to need to have the face trued up and the diameter of the lid shaped to match the inside of the box exactly:

This photo was taken several minutes later. It fits perfectly:

Now I needed to hollow out the underside of the lid so I can re-mount it on the lathe and that's what I've done in this photo. In the photograph you can see 4 concentric circles. Those circles represent the women in Leon's life: his wife and his three daughters:

I've turned over the lid and now I'm ready to shape the top of it. It took about 30 minutes of careful turning to get the lid to fit properly underneath the outer lid:

And here are the results. This is the completed, assembled tea box:

This is the box with the outer lid off and the inner lid in place:

And here it is completely disassembled. You can see the inner lid in the left lower corner of the photograph:

And this turn is completed.

I'm really tired and so I'm going to put the finish on it tomorrow and I'll send photos and discussion of this part of the project tomorrow.

Well, my back is killing me and I've been clobbered by mosquitoes so I'm going to go and have some chocolate milk and sit down with the cats.

See you tomorrow.


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