Friday, June 14, 2013

Leon's Tea Box Part 2: Completion of the outer lid

Hi Everyone,

Ok, I'm back.

Here is the box with the lid on the lathe. I'm getting ready to finish the top of the lid:

Now I've taken away the tailstock and I'm going to turn the top. I have the beginning of a knob on the top. This is an important step as the box doesn't have a lot of detail so the lid is the only area that will have some detail to it. I wanted to give the box a Japanese-like formality so there isn't a lot of detail. Instead the box will stand on it's shape, the shape of the lid, and the figure in the wood itself:

Here is the lid several minutes later:

And here is the completed lid. It has been sanded and smoothed and it's ready for a finish:

These next two photos show the lid by itself:

The tea box is about 3/4 finished at this point.

Let's go to the next posting and you'll see how it came out.


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