Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tea Box-Sarah's Calico Box

Hello Everyone,

 Well I got up early this morning and went down to the shop and finished off the calico box. Here is a photo of it at present:

Here's how it went:

I hollowed out the box completely and I managed to get the inside really smooth. It won't take much sanding to finish it:

I also created a small foot for the box and I evened up the sides and smoothed them with my roughing gouge. This will require more sanding than the interior as there is a little bit of tear out:

I put the box back on the lathe and gave it a rolled edge to soften the appearance somewhat:

Now for the lid. I have a small piece of white ash that has some very irregular grain on it that should work very nicely for the box. It has a lovely deep gold color that will complement the colors of the box:

I placed it on the lathe and roughed out the surface of the blank and then I turned a very rough tenon on the surface. This give me an attachment point for the lathe and it will also become the knob on top of the lid shortly:

Now I've flipped the lid over and I'm going to gently true up and sand the underside of the lid. It's much easier to do that now than it would be to do it later as I can just spin it on the lathe and sand it smooth:

I've finished the underside and flipped it back over and I'm going to cut it to fit the box. It took about 20 minutes of gently shaving away at the edge to get a snug fit:

The lid needed to sit into the box so I deepened the lip on the inside of the box some and now it sits down more securely than before:

Here is a photo of the lid on the box. It fits very tightly now and I don't think cutting it more is the way to go as this will probably result in a loose fit. So I'm going to correct this with sanding and I'll be able to get the fit that I want:

The first photograph shows the end of the cutting process. Next I'll sand it smooth and put a finish on it.

I really love oiling hard woods and the ash lid would look really lovely with this as oil will accentuate the grain pattern so that's probably what I'll do with it.

I'll post finish photos of this later this week.


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