Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tea Box-Pine Tea Box-grrr.....

Hello Again,

Afte I finished working on the calico box, I turned my attention to the pine box and I finished the lid. Here are some photos:

I began the lid with a round pine blank. As this piece of wood was only 3/4" thick, it needed to have a small block glued to the top for a knob and that is what you see here:

Here is a photo of the blank in my vise with an additional C-clamp holding it fast while the glue dries. I've lined up both pieces with a wooden pin and if you look carefully you can see the pin in the center of the photo. This prevents the pieces from shifting while it's being clamped together:

I let it dry over night and this morning I put it on the lathe and shaped it. You can see the knob in the center and I've also rounded off the corners and sanded it some. I think it will require a little more turning to remove that shoulder on the edge of the lid. This will help the two parts blend in together a little better:

As it's getting cold and I'm getting hungry I'm going to stop working on it. I'm not entirely sure about cutting it more so I'm just going to look at it for a day or two and then finish the lid. 

So more to come on this box. 


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