Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tea Box: Calico Box for my niece Sarah-Discussion and Plans

Hi Everyone,

While the pine box is cooling it's heels down in the shop, we have a new project afoot: a small jewelry box for my niece Sarah.


Sarah is my niece in Texas and she's graduating from high school next month and I've decided to make her a calico box for her jewelry. So I've taken one of the laminated blocks and begun turning it:


This is going to be a simple box with a lid. I'm going to hollow it out and make an inset lid for it:

I've smoothed the outside of the block and here is the inside that I'm beginning to hollow out. You can see a small lip on the rim and the lid will fit onto that lip. So instead of the lid sitting on top of the box, it will sit inside of the box:

And I'll make the box lid out of this wild and crazy piece of white ash:

Since this isn't designed for food, I can finish it with anything so I'll probably find something very glossy and fancy and do it with that.

I'll finish hollowing it out tomorrow and begin the lid.

See you tomorrow,


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