Friday, April 26, 2013

Priscilla's Bowl-Sanding Done and Time to Prepare for Finishing

Hi Everyone,

It is an absolutely beautiful day here today-the air temperature is about 65 and it's clear and sunny and we have about a zillion birds outside. We even had some ducks on my front yard earlier today. All in all a good day to begin finishing this bowl.

I went down to the shop and finished wet sanding the bowl up to 400 grit and then I polished the surface with maple wood shavings. Here are photos of the inside and a side view:

The bowl's surface is still damp with mineral spirits. I'm going to let this evaporate off and while it's doing that, I'm going to clean out the shop and let the dust in the air clear out. Later today I'll do a posting about the finishing process.


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  1. It's been really a warm day there! Here it has been also very nice weather. I've been all day out cleaning our garden. Temperatures are still under 50 F, but it doesn't take long until it's summer! :) The bowl looks really nice! :)